Functional and aesthetic workspace furniture is the key to a successful design. Whether you are looking to procure new furniture for a complete refresh, or you are looking to take a more sustainable approach and repurpose your existing furniture pieces, Seven Hills Workspace can help you to source, install and achieve every furniture component you need to bring your new workspace to life. 

We only select the best furniture

We have strong relationships with over 250 furniture suppliers across the UK & Europe. From these, we select and source furniture that suits your budget and style requirements, ensuring every element of your space is purposeful and cohesive. We will present every item of furniture with a more expensive and more cost-effective option, so you can choose where you want to save cost, and where you can potentially invest further to attract and retain your clients. 

We can procure furniture on your behalf

Our strong relationships mean that we have access to the best pricing, allowing us to offer you a fantastic value on your chosen pieces. This means you will never have to compromise on quality or design. Seven Hills Workspace is also an independent supplier, which means that we are able to provide unbiased recommendations based on your unique requirements. Every item of furniture that is procured will be provided with a delivery and installation plan, warranty information and an operations and maintenance manual for future use. 

We will review and audit your existing furniture

We will visit your current workspace and assess whether your existing furniture can be repurposed within our designs. This reduces waste and allows your budget to be allocated to the features that are most important to you. Our repurposing process can involve re-powder coating metal, reupholstering soft seating and general recovery of the product. Our audit process involves grading each of your pieces of furniture and creating the necessary documentation. All furniture that cannot be re-used will be sustainably recycled. 

We can install the furniture for you

Our design to installation workflow means that the delivery and assembly of your furniture is all taken care of within your project timeline. We have a network of 9 warehouse locations across the UK with experienced teams ready to bring your furniture to your new workspace. Installation times and coordination will be included in the overall project timeline. These teams will also be on hand to offer continuous furniture maintenance and repair service over the lifetime of your workspace. 

We put sustainability first

Alongside auditing existing furniture, we strive to source over 60% of our project furniture from the United Kingdom, the other 40% will be from Europe. We have recycling facilities at all of our warehouse locations, our powder coating and upholstery factories are always on hand, and where we are unable to recycle - we will donate furniture pieces to local schools and charities in need of support. All of this is to reduce our environmental impact and help to ensure your workspace transformation is as sustainable as possible. 

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Let's Work Together

If you would like to receive a free workspace consultation from a member of our friendly team, please reach out to us at or give us a call on 07880 735285.