Our consultants are on hand to help you understand how your space can be fully optimised to your way of working. Through workshops and studies, we identify the key areas for improvement and propose solutions that integrate your work patterns, design goals and property features. By making the best use of light, space, sound and materials, we create comfortable and functional environments that in turn help to increase the productivity and happiness of your workforce. 

We run workshops to explore your objectives

By gaining ideas and feedback from your employees, we are able to get a deeper understanding of your business requirements and objectives. Our workshops are delivered as a bespoke learning package, featuring expert guest speakers, colour psychology studies, acoustic surveys and workspace wellbeing reviews. The workshops have the ability to open up an internal dialogue between staff, generating an exciting, inclusive and educational experience for all.

We use technology to understand your office habits

Through integrated technology such as digital table markers, smart desking and occupancy sensors, we can accurately evaluate how your team are currently using your workspace. Together, we will review the data to identify potential areas of improvement in efficiency and space utilisation, whilst complying with the latest government guidelines. This step is fundamental in exploring the best, tailored workspace solution for the future. 

We make sure that all voices are heard

During the Workspace Consultancy phase, we believe it is important to include staff members at all levels of seniority. Representatives will be elected from each department or team, to assist in creating a scheme that will enhance and support every sector of your organisation. In our experience, the main reason for staff not feeling satisfied with their workspace is that they feel that their input has not been valued or considered. This method ensures that everyone has the opportunity to provide their creative ideas. 

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Let's Work Together

If you would like to receive a free workspace consultation from a member of our friendly team, please reach out to us at or give us a call on 07880 735285.