A sophisticated take on the pencil case, for pens, cables and so much more, by Bellroy.



When you sit at your sketch table, hot-desk or perhaps the local cafe, you probably don’t want to rifle through a bag for the odd capless pen, tangled earbuds and maybe a box of mints that have been strewn across the bottom. You have been heard. The Pencil Case is a sleek zip pouch for pens, pencils, cables and small personal items. So wherever you sit down to work, zip open the Pencil Case and organize your space the way you want it.


What Do You Carry?

Despite the name, this piece is for so much more than pens and pencils. It’s great for cables, personal items like lip balm and mints, or valuables that you don’t want swimming around your bag.


No Dark Corners

The opening sits wide and folds out like a tray, so you can see all your tools without having to dig around. And there are no dark corners for things to get lost in.


Make It Personal

The Pencil Case is a great way to personalize your space. Carry your favourite stationery and personal items so you have what you need, no matter where you sit down to work.


From The Designer

The Pencil Case is designed to be a playful experience. Inspired by the 'bon bon' that you can grab at both ends, the finger pulls make opening and closing the case really easy.


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Pencil Case