The I AM chair from Techo is ergonomic, stylish and, above all, hugely comfortable. It has a flexible back, with adjustable lumbar support, to provide unparalleled support, as well as a dynamic synchro-mechanism and forward seat inclination.


Highly Adjustable

The I AM office chair adjusts easily and in many different ways. This is what makes this office chair suitable for 98% of all people. While seated, the adjustment knobs are easily reached and set to your own preference. With a push or flick of a button, you will adjust the various options to suit your posture.


Further Support

I AM offers a number of clever options in addition to the standard adjustment layout. A cushion can be added to the lumbar support, for example, providing extra support for your back. And for those who require more counterpressure, we offer an inflatable lumbar support.


Autofit Synchro Mechanism

You can adapt the I AM chair to your preferred setting via the synchronous mechanism. You can also have the Autofit synchronous mechanism adjust the chair for you, creating an optimal balance and perfect seating position.


3D Armrests

I AM offers a a diverse and responsive armrests to support different activities. The 3D armrests provide plenty of adjustability and 36 to 51cm of space in between the two armrests, making it highly suitable for long work hours.


Optional extras available on request - contact us directly.


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I AM Task Chair

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Colour: Black